Square Duct

Square Duct

Rectangular Duct / Square Duct , produced by Automatic Machine which able to create Transverse Duct Flange (TDF)  By using TDF , leaks can be reduced and duct installation will be easier and more economical because each ducts connecting process using TDF CORNER , not just random metal connectors.


  • More ECONOMICAL: No Angle Flange required to connect ducting joints.
  • The size is much more PRECISE than manual measurement.
  • The RISK OF LEAKS is reduced greatly compared to products that manually created.
  • The PRODUCTION and INSTALLATION process is much FASTER and more efficient than normal rectangular ducting production.

Ducting Mechanical

Work System

L - Shape

Joints in L form or two parts of longitudinal Pittsburgh seams.

Four Piece

Joints of four-piece or four parts of longitudinal Pittsburgh seams.